All Users agree to adhere to the following worldsocks5(“Service”] Terms of Use:
The sign-up intention is regarded as the User’s consent to the given Terms of Use.
User agrees to pay for the services in proper time and in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated on the Service website. Use of the services is considered to be the initiative of a person who paid for them.
User agrees that the Service can change pricing and pricing model for any service or package provided at any time without any notice.
User agrees to the expiration period of every service provided by the Service.
The user agrees that the expiration period can be prolonged only by buying the same proxy amount or higher.
User agrees to all additional fees Service attaches to any payment the Service requests, or any payment User can initiate on the Service’s website.
Service provides a free trial in which terms can be changed at any time and are told personally. The user is not entitled to a free trial, and the Service can reject a free trial request without any explanation. User agrees that the free trial can be used only once per User, and all additional requests from any User accounts will be interpreted as a violation of Terms of Use.
User agrees to receive promotional messages concerning the Service functioning from the Service.
User is not entitled to disclose in any way the information received by e-mail, including passwords, IP addresses, usernames, or links to their profiles.
User agrees that all author’s rights for documentation, information, and software provided by the Service belong to the Service and undertakes to observe them.
User is not allowed to use the Service for the following:
to gain unauthorized access to data, computer systems, and networks, to interfere with their work, or to prevent third parties from using these networks and systems;
to send spam or malicious files and programs;
if the use of the Service violates copyright and other intellectual property rights;
with the aim of viewing or distributing child pornography as well as disseminating any unlawful, abusive, slanderous, inciting hatred and hostility or threatening materials;
to commit any unlawful actions or to assist in committing them.
User agrees that these Terms of Use can be changed at any time without any notice. User agrees to any updates done to these Terms of Use, and it’s User’s responsibility to read the updates.
Violation of these Terms of Use entails the termination of the services without prior notice and refund.